Drop body fat and tone up in just 28 days

People often ask me, how can I lose weight and tone up? More than often its female gym users and my class participants who enquire. I have come to notice, that some men (not all) don’t ask, because they believe they know what they’re doing (but they don’t notice that the stuff they’ve been doing for years hasn’t worked!)

The two obvious things you must do is:

  • 1) exercise correctly
  • 2) eat a nutritionally balanced diet

Easier said than done, right? However, if the task of dropping body fat and toning up was that easy then everybody would do it! But actually it is reasonably EASY! You’ve just got to know what do and how to do it.

“Tell us how then” I hear you ask. So here it is!


You will need to exercise at least 4 times per week, including 3 weight training sessions and 1 JitFit BodyHit session or a (a high intensity cardio and light weights session)The 5 best exercises that will get results quickly are:

  • Squats (Barbell)
  • Clean and Press
  • Bench Press (Dumbbells)
  • Pull ups (begin with assisted option)
  • Bar Bell bent over rows

Sets and repetitions

  • 5 Sets of each exercise
  • 10 Repetitions per set
  • 30 Second rest between each set
  • 5 minute maximum rest between exercises (this gives you enough time to set up the next exercise)

The above ratio of rest and work will guarantee a high intensity workout that’ll give you a serious after burn (this where your body continues to burn calories 24 hours after the workout)


Your nutrition and eating habits have to be consistent and not just for 5 days of the week (It seems like Friday is a national holiday and everyone needs to drink or order a takeaway) now I’m no kill joy (some of my friends may disagree) but remember my initial statement, “if it were easy everybody would do it.” That means, that you will have to make some sacrifices or as I like to think changes (alternatives)If you get the nutrition right then you’ve almost cracked it. What has worked with most of my clients is that I have them base their meals around protein foods (poultry, fish, eggs, lentils).

Follow these simple steps for 28 days and you will be well on the way to a healthier and more energetic, you!