Getting rid of underarm body fat

The one question ladies ask me all the time is,(at this point holding their arm up and pointing to the fat hanging down!) how do I get rid of this, what’s the best exercise ?
Now the perception is that there is an arm exercise, if done regularly, will specifically get rid of fat on the arms. Let me get one thing straight immediately!

You cannot spot train to remove body fat from areas of the body! In other words by doing lots of muscular exercises for the muscle on the back of your arm, like tricep dips, this will not remove fat, what it will do is improve the tone of the muscle on the back of your arm.

To suck out the fat from your body we need a good healthy diet and a training regime that burns calories!

So if you’re serious about lowering body fat, this requires a plan.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan… and guess what they’ve planned for you, NOT MUCH! (Jim Rohn).

Before I get to the PLAN, I need to explain the difference between losing WEIGHT and BODY FAT. People go on diets and then constantly weigh themselves and get so happy when they’ve lost a couple of pounds, however depending on their diet, they could have actually lost 2LBS of MUSCLE! Your weight is made up of how much fat you store and how much muscle you have. Now if you lose MUSCLE due to a lack of training and poor diet, you are basically CANNABILSING yourself! In other words you are stripping your engine back (muscle), instead of getting rid of stored fuel (fat). Once you compromise your engine (MUSCLE MASS) your ability to lose body fat becomes more difficult.

So we need weight loss to be in the form of BODY FAT ……….. Agreed? YES. That is because we want to lose weight and look like a Ferrari and not be a deflated bouncy castle! So back to the PLAN and getting rid of that nasty FAT sitting on the back of your ARM, TUMMY and ASS!

The first thing is, no matter what your fitness condition or ability you can do this right away.

  • If you can’t fly then run
  • If you can’t run then walk
  • If you can’t walk then crawl

But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward (Martin Luther King Jnr)

The next bit of stuff is how you put the plan together.

But first:

  • Get your body fat, muscle mass and weight done. Use the internet or get your local gym to do it for you, you need a starting point a bench mark.
  • Be realistic how much body fat do you want to shift and in what time period? Check out the web for healthy fat % tables for the general population or what’s right for you.
  • Other factors to consider, do you have a condition or health issue? What meds are you on? This is where you need to check out with your GP/Doctor or contact a suitably qualified fitness /personal trainer.

    This is important as you don’t want to start a Body Fat loss programme and cause yourself damage.

Where will you train? Ask yourself? At home, gym, park etc. so be clear, about the battle ground! It could be that you fight on more than one ground.

Your Plan


  • Keep one week’s food diary
  • From your food diary make changes to your diet
  • Swap certain foods i.e. whole fat milk for low fat, Fried crisp for baked crisp etc.
  • Plan each meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner etc. (7 days). Stick it on your fridge!
  • Now have a clear shopping list knowing the changes your making
  • Reduce portion size steadily
  • All the above will reduce calorie intake to begin the fat loss process
  • NOW STICK TO IT and keep refining the changes


  • Establish what types of exercise you are going to do to burn calories
  • Be clear what days and times you will get your training done
  • Whatever exercise you choose i.e. jogging or cycling, use the high intensity interval training methodology – YouTube this methodology
  • No matter what your fitness level anyone can do this…….you just work at your own pace and keep building it up
  • JitFit has a fitness DVD that you can buy to get you started!
  • The more times you train the more you burn…..remember one thing when deciding how often to train, ask yourself, how often do you eat?
  • Most people give up their training plan just as it is about to work; you will need a minimum of 12 weeks for this plan to become habitual.

Now go get it done!


Jit Joshi