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Our Testimonials

Hello I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings regarding Jit and his personal training. I am 54 type 2 diabetic and have been overweight for many years, I was recently invited to take part in a study at Glenfield Hospital to try and reverse my diabetes through diet and exercise. I have been very successful in losing weight under the strict supervision of the hospital and I decided I would like to maximise my weight loss and improve my fitness in general so thought I would invest in some personal training with Jit. It has been revolutionary! I now have the confidence and, having been taught the correct techniques, the desire to improve my muscle tone and fitness. I finish the study at the end of this month (June) and i’m excited to find out the results of this, they are more than impressed at how much I have changed; not just in body but in mind. I will be continuing to lead a much healthier happier life…many thanks Jit for your valuable input and advice and your great support…REFUSE TO GIVE UP, if I can achieve this so can YOU!!!

By Gary Clayton

I started personal training with Jit Fit over a year ago in June 2016. He came highly recommended.
I had put a lot of weight on from my problem with asthma and the continual steroid medication I was taking. I have to honest and say I had accepted the way I looked and although I used to exercise I never crossed my limits to exert my body to do more than I wanted to. We had a few family weddings that year and when I saw some of the photographs that were circulated on my chats I felt disgusted with myself. I hated the way I looked and I just thought it was enough!

During my initial assessment the thing that really struck me was Jits clarity. He made it aware that this was not going to be easy and a lot of dedication and will power was required. He also stated that I would not be alone and he would help me as far as I want to go. I found this extremely encouraging and I really liked the positivity, reassuring and supportive attitude.
I started my PT and like Jit said it was not easy at all, the whole thing was a change of lifestyle. I changed the way I ate and I exerted myself when it came to exercising. Jit asked me to keep a food diary and he would provide me with an exercise plan despite the two PT sessions I had per week. He was extremely supportive and encouraging. He would stimulate and motivate me to do my best and even better. He made sure the PT sessions varied a lot so nothing was repetitive. I found it really enjoyable.

I started seeing the results and this made me want to do even better. I felt full of energy and vibrant. I started to change shape and my size started to decrease. I felt great. I felt really satisfied and delighted. Jit helped me build my will power. I felt so confidant and motivated. Little chores where I used to be short of breath I can do with ease. My asthma no longer caused me issues. I feel I am enjoying the best possible health at the moment, I feel confident, content and extremely happy with the results I have seen.
During the last year I faced two injuries and they came as hindrances to my PT and general workouts but Jit really assisted me to get the best out of myself during this time. He was so motivating and encouraging. He was patient and supportive. He helped me attain the best possible results considering my injuries. He was extremely sympathetic but really positive too. He was so accommodating, co-operative and thoughtful.

This journey has been a long and difficult one but it would never have been possible without the guidance and motivation from Jit. He truly was amazing. The most outstanding thing about Jit is he treats you like an individual he addresses your needs, your injuries and your capability. He provides you with a very personal touch which makes the whole journey more distinctive. He encouraged me to join the groups as well as pushing me in my PT sessions.

Both he and Surrinder are two very lovely people who want to help individuals to help themselves to enjoy their lives to its potential by reaping the benefits of good health.
Jit is an incredible trainer and he knows how to help you attain the best possible results. His motivating slogan ‘Refuse to Give Up’ stands up strongly and it works wonders.
I would strongly recommend that if you are considering making that life changing move JIT FIT is the way forward. You will never look back…………

By Jaz Sandhu

I was first introduced to JitFit after going on a short course recommended by my Doctor to have some nutritional advice at Soar Valley College.I had put weight on, eating badly lots of takeaways etc whilst we cared for my Mother (in & out of hospital).

The course was to involve some exercise. I imagined this would probably involve some sort of gentle effort for us middle aged types. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Right from day one Jit stressed no matter how old , how unfit , or how big we were, we needed to put everything we could into these sessions! This really was going to effect our health & life going on into the future.

Jit & Surrinder really motivate & get that bit extra out of you. But at the same time make the lessons something you really look forward to.I hate gyms & get bored quickly of going from one set of apparatus to another, but i’m sure one hour with Jit is worth many hours at the gym & much more fun.

Before you know it you’re hooked , I go every Monday & then signed up for the Dirty 30 on Sunday mornings as well.I would recommend any one any age, even if you have never done anything like this before to, to get to one of JitFit’s classes ASAP.

By John Angus



I’ve now been attending the JITFIT classes for two years now and before I share my journey I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.
I’m a working mother of 3 children aged 13, 7 and 5. Three years ago my husband suffered a major brain hemorrhage and stroke which means that I am now the main carer.

So, I have always been into keeping fit but have never really been careful or given a thought to my eating habits.. always on the go, eating whatever was easiest, always snacking on unhealthy foods and then wandering why I’m finding it hard to lose weight, I’m not even consuming that many calories, I’m always running around, I don’t eat that much I go to exercise classes etc…. Don’t get me wrong, when I attended the JITFIT classes I always gave it my all, because Jit will never let you give anything less, but always found myself feeling sluggish and not as quick, I could kind of feel the weight dragging me down if that makes sense. In the end I guess I just accepted that I’ll always be this way and maybe my metabolism has slowed down as I’m getting older. Until….

January 2015, I attended one of Jit’s Healthy Eating and Nutrition classes. That was the best thing that could have happened to me and never did I think it would change my life, my conception of food, exercise and how they both go hand in hand.
Jit provided so much information about food, the good and bad carbs, sugars, refined and processed foods and the impact they have on your life, things I hadn’t even considered. So, all this time whilst I thought that having crunchy nut for breakfast was healthy and all those cereal bars were good for me, those sandwiches at lunch time, snacking on cakes, crisps and biscuits were not doing much harm, because come on, it’s not like I would eat loads of them, but I would on a daily basis and not to mention all those glasses of wine, boy was I wrong.
You see, I always thought is was the calories that counted. I’d never even given a thought to carbs, sugars, saturated fats. I learnt about strategically eating, planning meals, the kind of foods to be eating on the days that you do and do not train, portion sizes, what a healthy eating plate should look like and so on. In addition we got weighed and had our body stats done. This is when reality struck.. OMG… never had I thought of myself of being overweight (I was size 12… just about…) until I saw those numbers appear.
That is when it hit me that I really need to do something about this, I can no longer carry on in this way and felt so down.
So, beginning of February, my journey began. I took Jit’s advise and made those changes. Gone was the junk, in came the salads, whole meal foods, low sugars and I just about checked the calories, sugars, fats and carbs on every single product that I shopped for. Everything the workshop equipped me with was put into practice.
It was hard in the beginning, believe me there were times when I wanted to give up. I remember telling Jit about the headaches and growling in stomach I would go to bed with.. it was the sugar withdrawal symptoms.. but nonetheless his word of encouragement, endless support, advice and understanding kept me going.
Eventually I felt myself getting fitting, stronger, leaner and faster. Yes at the Jitfit classes you work to your ability but Jit’s constant pushing and motivation makes you want to work harder. The routines will take you to your limits but one thing for sure, it is worth it.
In October I had my last body stats done. I still continue to maintain but here I am now, just over 2 stones lighter, 2 dress sizes smaller.. yep, I can’t believe it either I can get into a size 8 and share my daughters aged 14-15 year old clothes!!
I feel mentally and physically stronger, a lot faster/lighter on my feet, my confidence had grown tremendously and best of all I can almost keep up with Jit in the classes.. of course Jit will always have that faster and quicker edge on us all.. Gone are the days of constant tiredness, sluggishness, now I have ants in my pants! I can do so much more of physical activities with my children and spend quality time with them instead of the “mum is too tired”.
So Jit, in the classes when you ask who is your inspiration, who do you look up to, well, you are my inspiration and I look up to you. The classes are definitely the best that I have ever been to, and you are one hell of a person.
Thank you for helping me change my life.

Love the classes.. Refuse to give Up!

By Rekha Daudia

I got Injured in December 2013 playing soccer, at the time I was trying to gain a soccer scholarship in the United States so I contacted Jit to help me recover from my injury. I started getting personal training sessions from Jit who would design a specific training plan to help me strengthen my muscles that were effected by the injury. After 2 months of injury specific training I was back playing 5 & 11 aside soccer competitively which was a huge relief for me as my dream to go to the United States was still alive thanks to Jit.

Then I started to attend the JitFit classes on Monday, Thursday & Saturday and was truly impressed from the first moment I got there, I honestly did not think it would benefit me soccer wise but it was the most important factor in me getting into optimum condition to play soccer at a high level. The hardest thing about the JitFIt classes is not your 1st class. It’s the 2nd one as your body gets a shock to the system and you may never want to put your body through that again but with Jit’s motivation and inspiration you will be able to go to the 2nd class then never look back.

Thanks to Jit I earned a soccer scholarship at Grand View University in the United states, definitely could not have achieved this without the help and support of Jit and now I’m injury free and in great physical condition to play soccer at high level.

By Aaron Mistry


One of a kind! I am currently a university student and this is where I put on alot of weight because I had no routine and no diet plan but I decided this summer that I would make the most of the three months I had off by shredding as much weight as possible. In my luck my dad had a very good friend who happened to Jit Joshi and this is where my journey began.

I had started attending the JitFit classes and had the opportunity to have one to one sessions with Jit himself.I’ve never came across any other class like JitFit it is incredibly motivating, inspirational and fun and made me look at being healthy with a balance diet in a positive light.

I can say I was delighted after the end of the three months because I had lost 10kg which was a massive achievement for myself.I can truely say that I’m a new person with great confidence in myself after losing weight. Now that I’m back at university, still having contact with Jit is a massive motivation to carry on with exercising and the diet plan.I would recommend JitFit to anybody who is looking to get into shape, shred weight and tone up!Thank you Jit. You’re a massive inspiration.

By Himanshi Patel



JitFit has given me what I’ve wanted for years. I’ve been trying to lose weight for around 4-5years now and I would always join a gym and then later just give up because I wouldn’t get results I was hoping for. This went on until I finally decided to stop quitting and get a personal trainer. The results were shocking, I couldn’t believe I was actually losing weight so quick. Not only was I getting trained in exercise, but also my whole diet had turned out. I began to understand what a healthy diet is, and it wasn’t just simply eating salad and bland food. I was eating tasty healthy food!! I struggled for the first few weeks but now it’s become such a habit that I don’t even think about it. These changes have really made me feel better and given me the confidence to carry it all out on my own now that I’m at University.

Along with the personal training I also use to attend all the classes! They were amazing, the exercise never felt like a chore, it was rewarding and it made you want to go again and again! Although the class is carried out with other people it still feels like you are having a one to one session. In total with Jit’s help I have managed to lose 11kg over the course of 3 months, this has been a massive achievement for me and I’m so glad I joined JitFit and I will be back whenever I get the chance!!

By Henna Patel

I have been attending Jitfit sessions for about 2 years, Having initially lost a couple of stones, now I have lost another 4st. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderfully motivating these classes are. I had seriously never exercised in my life, now it is one of the biggest parts of my life! At first it was tough but with masses of encouragement and motivation i am so much fitter,stronger more energised and most of all happier.

No matter what your fitness level there will always be several options depending on that level.
Jits mantra of “refuse to give up” is an integral part of his sheer enthusiasm and belief in us, It is by far my favourite class of the week.

I would urge anyone deciding to change their lives as I did a couple of years ago to go to his classes you will not be disappointed just glad you walked through those doors, I was the biggest couch potato ever, now it collects dust because I never sit down!

Thank you Jit you have helped me so much to become a healthier happy person.

By Tracey Clayton



Jit fit classes are one of the friendliest, encouraging and motivating classes I have attended. When I first joined his class and still occasionally now he gives me direction with certain activities, showing me the correct techniques to prevent any injuries, he does this in a positive, encouraging manner without being made to feel foolish in front of others. When I’m feeling tired before I start his class (which is not unusual), the music makes you want to keep up with the beat. I come out of class feeling “A happy knackered”, high from the class and the good workout. I would recommend Jit’s classes to anyone, his classes always provide me with a brilliant cardio workout, my favourite class of the week.

Thanks Jit.

By Rachel


Not only has Jit’s classes improved my physical wellbeing, it has also had a positive impact on my mental health. The exercise classes I have attended have improved my confidence and I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to become healthier and fitter.

By Beena Rajpara


You won’t find classes like these at your local gym.  I was disillusioned with spending hours in studio classes or at gyms that were not motivating or giving me the results that they promised. Jit Fit works!!

By Ang Williams

Before I heard of Jitfit I was in a situation in which I felt helpless. I felt I was trying my best to lose weight but was achieving nothing!!! I hadn’t lost any weight for 2 years!! I was at the point of giving up thinking that it was impossible for me to lose any weight.  After I started with Jitfit I have lost weight every week, my BMI has gone down as well as body fat and my fitness levels have improved.  I feel much more confident and happy with myself.  This is all thanks to Jit.  He is the most motivational person I have met.  Before i started I was extremely nervous and didnt have much confidence in myself.  He was friendly and reassuring and has been with me every step of the way. If i had any questions or needed advise he has always been there for me.  The advise he has given me has been amazing and I have been able to pass this on to my family and friends. The advise on nutrition was excellent.  I didnt realise just how big a role nutrition played in fitness. I used to eat whatever I wanted and then burn it off, but now I’ve learnt that if u eat healthy and combine this with exercise you get results! The kids are now being healthy too!  I was unsure about how i would fit into the classes.  I was warmly welcomed and managed to fit right in!  Jitfit classes are amazing and I feel like I have a good workout after every class and that’s why I am there every week! I keep going back for more and as Jit says refuse to give up!! andthats me I refuse to give up and will keep going.  I have noticed quite a few changes in my body, I am more toned, I look better and finally I’m getting the abs I used to only dream of before!!!

Thanks Jit. You are amazing!!!



I joined JitFit about 6 weeks ago through a friends recommendation and I haven’t looked back once, I quit the gym soon after because honestly, I have never had a sweat on the way I do at JitFit. It’s value for money and I think what helps me personally is the fact that I am being told what to do rather than just going with the flow at a gym, pulling a few weights and running on the treadmill. Even though there is 20/30 of you, it almost feels like a one to one session.

The sessions are a mixture of all the work out your body requires with a splash of Jit’s humour which will no doubt make you chuckle half way through an extremely hard routine! Even when I am tired, I drag myself to the class because I am guaranteed to feel better and energised; I had to miss one session due to being poorly and I was truly upset.

Yes, it’s hard and the routines are challenging; your body will ache and yes, you may struggle to walk the next day but you will progress and you will feel amazing. You will build your strength and it will improve your mental being too. You will see a significant change in your body; the way it feels and the way it looks! Join JitFit, your body is a temple, you seriously will not regret it!

By Henah Vadher

Great classes I have lots more energy when I consistently attend.

By Panna Vasani


Training with Jit has been incredible! I needed motivation to lose some weight for my wedding, which I have been able to do with the help of One 2 one sessions, and by going to JitFit Classes. During my journey to lose weight, I have at times felt as if I wanted to give up!! Jit has been there with me at every step of my journey to help me keep on track. His dedication and motivation to work towards my goal with me will never be forgotten!!

By Shivani Singh


Aspiration, inspiration and motivation is what JITFIT sums up for me.
I started JITFIT classes in January 2014. After trying out various other types of exercise
classes JITFIT is totally amazing and the best classes I have ever been to. So much better than going to the gym… You get all the benefits of going to a gym in an hours session of JITFIT!!

As a mother if three kids, I feel that by going to the classes, Jitfit has definitely made me feel stronger, both mentally and physically, fitter and does wonders to lift away my tiredness especially when I’ve constantly been on the go. I feel a lot more active, inspired to eat healthily and motivated to keep up with the classes. Each time I go to a class I want to push myself to test my limits.

As for the instructor, Jit, he is awesome and gobby! He will motivate and shout at you throughout the class, push you to your maximum and ensure you walk out of the class feeling really good about yourself, not to mention soaked in sweat! Never have I come across anyone who is so passionate about what they do.
I definitely recommend JITFIT to anyone who is looking to looking to take up exercise classes and get fit, no matter what your age, shape or sex, Jit Joshi is sure to bring out the best in you.

Jitfit all day every day!!

From Rekha

My name Pravin Chauhan. I have been training with Jit for at least ten years which speaks for itself! About five years ago I suffered from quite a serious illness from which I was able to make a full recovery thanks to Jit whose classes I was attending at Parklands Leisure Centre. Through a lot of encouragement from Jit I did recover fully. Last year ii started attending Jit’s classes at Soar Valley College. Despite being probably the most senior member of the class, with Jit’s help and encouragement I am able to push myself to the limit and often beyond! Jit has helped me immensely in not only becoming very fit but also very healthy. I personally can’t thank Jit enough for what he has done for me.

Recently I suffered a family tragedy which led to me being very very upset and depressed and not wanting to see anybody or even talk to anybody.  My dear wife forced me to to start attending Jitfit classes again.It was a real effort  to attend the first class and despite being very upset, with Jit’s help and encouragement   I managed to complete the session.Since than I have attended every single class. I have found this to be a great source of solace and also through Jit’s keep fit regime,  a great deal of inner peace and acceptance,so Jit, thanks a million!

Your ever greatful student and FRIEND Pravin

Thanks a million Jit

Pravin Chauhan

Prior to joining JitFit in May 2012, I had been trying to lose weight for about four years but had no positive results. Since then I have been attending JitFit classes 2-3 times a week and lost about 3.5 stones (over 20 kg) in the first year and more importantly have managed to maintain it since. As well as the physical exercises in the classes, JitFit has also given me the mental stimulation to make lifestyle changes, which have been equally important in reaching this goal. These physical and lifestyle changes have also helped my family make those changes in life as well. Whilst it has not been easy, I strongly believe that JitFit has been instrumental in reaching my goal and I would thoroughly recommend anyone seriously thinking of losing weight to join.


Karim Tejani


My true testimony, my true appreciation in changing my life for the better since joining JitFit.

I was introduced to Jit Joshi (who holds fitness classes under the banner, JitFit) when I first joined the DHAL Classes held at the Peepul Centre approx 2 years back. Here, I met Jit Joshi, a ”fitness instructor” ( I said ”fitness instructor” as this was the first ”introduction” ) about him. Yes, he was and is, a fitness instructor BUT with a BIG difference!!

Jit Joshi, an intelligent, softly spoken guy, who I liked from Day One because, he cared for others!! He cared & approached the ”novices”, the ones who attended with every intention of becoming healthy. To follow and change their lifestyle for and becoming healthy. Since completing the 10 weeks ”course” he asked everyone if they wanted to carry on maintaining a healthy regime, to live a transformed, healthy lifestyle. Jit’s words were not persuasive in any sense but truly genuine! I did not hesitate and joined the Saturday classes he held at the Peepul Centre.

Yes, I have not ”lost” a lot of weight due to my own negligence in some respect due to personal commitments. I am talking about myself only because nearly everyone who attends his classes have shed a lot of weight. But, I can truly say, my life has been transformed immensely, I have become extremely energetic, I have BP and am also diabetic. My GP checks my BP and diabetes regularly. Since I joined the Saturday class, my BP and diabetes have been ”non-existent”. My reports have been normal each time.

JitFit brings a zest to your life. Gives a true meaning to healthy living!! It’s Jit’s motivation and care for each one who attends his class, whether on his/her 1st day or one who has been a regular over time, that makes us to look forward to the next class!!

As a final word, I would like to thank my son, Raj Kotecha, who 1st saw the article about the DHAL programme and gave me the motivation of joining.

Jit, you are, in my words, my hero. A human being who truly cares for the well-being of everyone. I have not got the appropriate words to thank you but here goes, Thanks Jit..You are the BEST. A good friend and mentor!! Keep up the good work. God bless you.

Keep smiling.

Dilip Kotecha.


I was at a place where I was lost, fed up and didnt know what to do and which direction to go in. I have always been a regular at gyms, boot camps, and believed i was eating healthily, but could not see any results from this.

I had been to classes before at Parklands Leisure center where Jit took the circuit training classes and very much enjoyed these. He was motivational, encouraging and challenging. I always walked away feeling I had a great work out which i could feel within my body.

When i heard he was holding classes at Sour Valley, I thought I would give this a try. At my first meeting with Jit on a one to one level, I discussed how I was struggling with weight loss even though i was attending the gym / classes regularly. He listened and referred me to DHAL. A programme that looks at healthy eating leading to weight loss. Within the first week of joining, I saw great results and instantly felt amazing. After 10 weeks along with attending JitFit classes 3 times a week I had lost a stone and never felt better. In his classes Jit will always push, monitor and support you in reaching more. He challenges every aspect and you feel as though you want to do more and improve because he has faith in your ability so you want to prove to him you can do it. I have learnt, that it is not about lots of hours being spent at the gym or with mediocre fitness instructors in classes. Jit has shown and taught me that short spells of intense training can lead to great results along with healthy eating.

I feel fitter, more confident, toned, and have a sense of strong personal achievement for being able to loose weight but also push my physical boundaries, and strength which are now at a more higher level than I have ever worked at.

I know and understand that by continuing with JitFit classes this strength will only get better.

Thank you Jit for your support and on going encouragement! I strongly recommend these classes to anyone who is in a similar situation, or who wants to feel as though they are apart of something great.

Keep going and helping many people

Lata Popat


I came into contact with Jit Joshi (JitFit) when I joined the DHAL class in April 2013. I decided to join the DHAL class because my blood test had shown border line cholesterol and I was overweight – I needed to do something fast.

Jit is an amazing and highly motivated fitness training instructor who has motivated me and my husband tremendously. We love attending the aerobic class on a Saturday. Jit has a way of making it fun and we always look forward to Saturday mornings!
• JitFit has helped me maintain my weight loss which I achieved as a result of joining the DHAL classes.
• My cholesterol is now under control due to proper healthy eating and this exercise regime.
• JitFit has definitely made me feel much better about myself and more confident as well.
• The JitFit classes are very motivational and the encouragement that I have got from Jit is just invaluable.
• The pricing structure is very fair and definitely well worth the money.
• I always feel “at the top of the world” after every JitFit class.

My advice to anyone who is considering trying an aerobics class – TRY A JITFIT CLASS and you will not be disappointed.

Jit – I hope the above comments are ok – I have not exaggerated – it is the truth!!

Jayshree Mehta



I’ve been training for 12 years and this class is excellent. Brilliant all body workout. It definitely tests your stamina and strength. Each week you become stronger at each exercise. It also helps change your shape through the amount weight you lose and tones you up well obviously alongside a good diet. There’s no point eating a diet in high sugar and carbs then killing yourself through exercise. It is for all levels of fitness, so don’t worry if you have not trained before.

Definitely recommend the class.
Even when I’m soo tired I push myself to go it soon wakes me up, love it!

Ushma Parmar

I decided to have an intensive course of personal training with Jitfit, ten sessions during my last three weeks of holiday from teaching, on the recommendation of my wife who has known Jit for several years through Parklands Leisure Centre attending his circuit training and fitness classes.

The reasoning was to get fit, working as a teacher although on my feet most of the day the job is quite sedentary, and to lose weight. At the age of mid-forties something needed to be done before it was too late and having never attended a gym before I felt that I didn’t have the knowledge or motivation myself to do this alone.

Jit gave me understanding of why he was asking me to do a certain exercise, why it would help and what I could expect if I continued. He gave me the motivation to work harder than I would normally do myself. He did this in a very reassuring and engaging style. Alongside the gym work, jitfit gave me a balanced weekly diet which was tailor made for me and the exercise that was being asked. This was tracked per week, showing me the progress that I had made, in weight loss, muscle mass and hydration. The diet was adapted to my requirements as it was shown that I needed more protein, jitfit gave me advice to enable me to get the most out of my sessions.

My weight loss and muscle mass made me feel fantastic thanks to jitfit. This has encouraged me to continue exercising and attending the gym. I am more aware of food that I can eat and because of regular gym attendance I can still eat my takeaway once a week and this does not affect my weight. Jitfit has changed how I feel about myself, mentally and physically giving me the knowledge and motivation to continue going to the gym.

By Chris Kitchener

I contacted Jit as a last ditch attempt to lose the vast amount of weight I have gradually put on over the course of 2 years. I had been a member of gym but rarely went but was happy paying the monthly fee. I made the decision that something had to change; it was getting more and more apparent that I was struggling to do basic levels of activity without being completely exhausted.

Jit was recommended by a friend and in my initial chat with Jit he talked through the various options that were available. Although he had the classes, given my situation, I felt I would benefit more by 121 Personal Training sessions. In my initial consultation, Jit measured my stats and the results were shocking and a real wake up call. The most shocking stat was that my metabolic age was nearly 20 years higher than my actual age. This gave me the last push and determination I needed to make changes and fast. Although, my primary focus was always on weight loss, Jit educated me on having a more rounded view of my health. He has a wealth of knowledge on why muscle mass and BMI is so vital and more importantly the steps that need to be taken to ensure these stats were moving in the right direction.

On my first PT session, I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous about being in the gym and also quite body conscious. The thing I found most inspirational about Jit is the motivation and drive to succeed he enforces throughout the sessions. He is so encouraging but equally completely realistic in letting you know what you need to do to get the desired results. In the PT sessions he pushed me to the point of pain but after it was over, I felt so good for having the PT session and started to enjoy them.

As part the PT, Jit closely monitored my stats and progress on a weekly basis and had no qualms in delivering the hard messages. If I had had a bad week, I knew about it!! The thing I have learnt with Jit is that he will work with you as long as you’re prepared to put in the blood, sweat and tears. He expects 100% commitment and in return will give you all the support and guidance you need to help you achieve your vision. Although the PT sessions are the more expensive option, I genuinely believe that I would not have lost the bulk of weight that I needed to lose. I have now lost over 3 stone and feel fantastic for it. I still have a bit to go but Jit has provided me with the foundations and the food knowledge I just didn’t have.

Jits approach although sounds complex, in principle is very simple. If you’re prepared to put in the commitment to achieve, you will get the results. The thing that Jit provides is the techniques, invaluable advice on nutrition, motivation and encouragement to help you on your journey.

Thanks Jit

By Dimple

Even being a regular gym user, I became “stale” and I lost the enthusiasm for going. Jit brought a total new dimension to my outlook. Even though I have a knee problem, his sessions were varied and he adapted them to my needs, ensuring that I could still have a fully intensive work out.I lost weight becoming stronger, leaner and fitter. Jit helped to bring the spring back into my step. The results were both physical and mental, with a positive outlook on life. Jit’s knowledge on nutrition and lifestyle generally, is second to none. He enlightened me about so many benefits to consider. I certainly couldn’t have achieved the results without him. I know this for sure as I’ve been trying and tripping up for a few years now.Honestly, don’t just take my word for it. Jit is Mr. Motivator. He’s with you every step of your journey. “No surrender”.

By Nathan McLaurin

I would have no hesitation recommending JitFit to my family, friends & colleagues for any type of fitness program, following my personal experience.
For my part, although being fairly fit, for a 57 year old anyway, through regular cycling, two circuit training sessions & a body pump each week, also several rounds of golf. 
I wanted to up my fitness levels, strength and flexibility in an effort to help playing regularly for County seniors golf team. Also, it was my intention to uphold a lifetime ambition of skiing for a winter season, that will require a step-up in fitness.

During the 3 month experience l learnt a lot about training methods and found Jit’s infectious motivational personality really helpful. In terms of my personal performance, my golf handicap has gone from 6.4 to 5.5 and I managed to get a winter season ski job following a tough recruitment process including a fitness test.

Thanks Jit. 

By Paul Lowe

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